Internal careers

Looking to change your trajectory?

We’re leading the charge.

Our innovation and approach set a standard that’s only possible with a culture built on ambition and Black Sky Thinking.

Our skills, our solutions and our way of operating are unique. We empower our people to create trajectory changing opportunities not just for clients and candidates, but for themselves. This is a place where potential is unlocked, goals are achieved, and exciting futures take shape.

We’re here to help you navigate the path to success.

Inspired growth with recruiting & sales careers

We are in the business for good.

We’re not just taking our staffing clients and talent from A to B, we’re elevating their lives and enhancing the communities they’re a part of.

We want you to build a lifelong career with us, which is why we provide you with comprehensive tools, training, and mentorship, as well as unlimited growth opportunities to drive your ambitions.

You’ll have a spectrum of possibilities, including high-income potential sales positions pushing customers’ businesses forward and guiding them to their own sky-bound talent. Our investment in you is an investment in society.

Recent grads, industry veterans, and innovators: Apply here

We’re continuing to expand our value and portfolio through strategic acquisition. We’re adding advanced workforce and IT solutions to our distinct staffing skills, growing our unique offer. Internal innovation will allow us to develop these services and lead the charge in an evolving market.

Your talent and passion will help leading tech and Fortune 500 companies navigate extensive IT challenges. Help drive businesses forward in one of our high-impact roles as a recruiter, marketer, HR expert, accountant, intern, manager, sales or IT professional. Become a part of our complete platform with a career accelerating into the future.

If you’re interested in one of the many rewarding careers at Dexian Europe, please email us at [email protected].